Ways to Get Discount For Your Heating Oil

There are several ways to get a discount on your heating oil. Some involve the use of a pre-buy heating oil plan. Others are COD delivery, Variable or budget payment plans, or the home heating oil discount program offered by Union Plus. Below is a brief description of the discount heating oil Avenel NJ you can get. Hopefully, you’ll find one that works for you.

Prebuy heating oil plan

When you prebuy heating oil, you agree to purchase a certain amount in advance. This means you’ll have a predetermined price for the entire heating season. While this arrangement may be advantageous, it could be expensive if prices fall. Fortunately, there are ways to save money.

First, consider Prebuy protection. This plan involves making a single upfront payment for up to 18 months’ worth of consumption. You’ll then receive the oil at a discounted price, but the discount isn’t permanent. The oil you purchase will stay on your account, and you can use it again next season. This plan is ideal for those who think the heating oil prices will rise over the winter but want to lock in the price.

COD heating oil delivery

You can easily compare the price of various fuels and fill your COD tank at a discount price. You can also register for a discount account online, which is perfect for those who need to refuel frequently. 

With COD oil delivery, you only pay for the amount you need at the delivery time, making it easier to budget for fuel oil. For example, if you run out of oil during the winter, you can simply request a few gallons and get it when needed. Using full-service fuel oil companies will require you to sign a contract that locks you into their service until it expires – usually a year. By switching to COD heating oil delivery, you can choose any supplier that meets your needs and budget.

Variable and budget heating oil payment plans

Variable and budget heating oil payment plans are available from your local supplier. They allow you to spread payments over the entire heating season. Your monthly payment amounts are based on how much oil you use, and some dealers offer discounts if you pay early.

A budget plan provides more control over your spending. This plan can help you avoid unexpected bills. A budget heating oil payment plan allows you to plan your heating expenses and estimate how much you’ll use over the year. You’ll be charged the difference if you purchase more heating oil than you’re forecasted. It’s a win-win situation. Variable plans may be better for some homeowners, but customers must understand how much they’re paying.

Heating oil discount program

Heating Oil Discount Program offers a $100 rebate for home heating equipment. Members of the AFGE union and their families can apply for the program to receive a lower price on their home heating equipment. It is an excellent way to save money on your energy bill. The program can also help you with your fuel contract and can help you find high-quality service from a local full-service heating company. You can save anywhere from two to three hundred dollars per year when using the home heating oil discount program.

Another benefit of this home heating oil discount program is that you can receive a $100 rebate when purchasing new energy-efficient home equipment. The first-year fee is only $15. You can also get an additional $100 refund when you buy new energy-efficient heating oil equipment.