Simple Kitchen Upgrades

If your kitchen needs an upgrade, but you’re not willing to rip everything out and live out of an ice chest for weeks on end, consider smaller stylish and useful touches that won’t be so hard on the family.


There is no reason to stick with your current color scheme in your kitchen. When you commit to interior remodeling Atlantic Beach NC, you get to start fresh. A vibrant tiled backsplash will perk up even the most lifeless spaces. Changing the color of cabinets from dark to light will energize this busy room. If nothing else, repaint the walls with a bright white.


This is the perfect time to customize your cabinets even if you keep the same basic layout. Remove the interior shelving and visualize how the space can be most useful. Simply raising a few of your shelves can work wonders to inner-cupboard organization. Take this opportunity to install pull-out shelves wherever you have wasted space. There are practical solutions to every type of dilemma such as tall pots, an overload of spice jars, large bags of dog food or an abundance of cookbooks. Space can be found in unused corners, over the vent hood and inside cabinet doors.

Drawer Pulls

Changing out drawer pulls is a one-day DIY project that can subtly remake the look of your kitchen. You can stick with the classic gold-tone or silver knobs or add a little whimsy into the space with novelty pulls. Cabinet pulls shaped like silverware go nicely in a kitchen as do mini fruits and vegetables. If you need a pop of color, consider painted metal or even a polished amber. Leather, glass, wood and rope all add a layer of individuality to this busiest of rooms.

Not everyone has the time or money to do a complete overhaul of their kitchen. The best way to breathe a little life into the space is to make it useful with a pop of color.